A lot has gone on since my last post S,R,&P Post. My family and friends did an amazing job for my fundraiser. They raised just under $10,000.00. This is enough to not have to worry about all my medical bills and travel expenses. My gratitude to everyone involved is hard to express or even understand. I am working on all that in my own way.  {{I will have to do a whole future post on the event, so as not to detour from the update.}}

The biggest news is that I got a call from one of my Stanford oncologists who has let me know that the biopsy results are in. I do in fact only have Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma. Knowing this has allowed a treatment plan with a new chemotherapy. I see my oncologist tomorrow and I will start chemo (by my insistence) tomorrow or Friday. The treatment I will be getting is GDP. If you want more info feel free to click the link. This new regiment will hopefully combat my refractory cancer.

No one will ever be excited about getting chemo until they are not able to get it. I am excited to be fighting again.


I had a breakdown. For several days I cried over everything. Everything felt like it was out to hurt me. I wished that the cancer would just take me. I walked about 3 miles at night just so I could feel the pain in my legs instead of my heart. At that moment the deep depressing feelings just took over. I am glad I had family who cared enough to just come get me and let me cry. My coping mechanisms for having rough days before chemo involved a lot of time in the gym, this isn’t an option at this time. I’m trying to find new ways, it hasn’t been easy.


Today I discovered that although rare, I have a famous brother who not only fought, but beat this T-Cell lymphoma. He has been in remission for 10 years! I pity this cancer!